free-software-compatible license for HTML5 (ACTION-29)

A status update on this front.

The suggestion that emerged in March at the Advisory Committee  
meeting was to ask  the PSIG for input on implementing a more open
license. Although the PSIG has not yet discussed the issue (due to
changes in PSIG chairs over the summer), the new co-Chair of the Group,
Scott Peterson, is preparing the topic fo PSIG discussion prior to TPAC
2009. One proposal that the PSIG will be asked to consider is to use the
MIT license. Once we receive PSIG feedback, we will entertain the topic
during the AC meeting in November, just before the HTML WG face-to-face
meeting. Thus, we may have a decision as early as mid-November.


Received on Thursday, 1 October 2009 02:01:10 UTC