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Input on the agenda

From: Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 01:04:55 +0000 (UTC)
To: public-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.62.0903240038350.25058@hixie.dreamhostps.com>

As per Sam's request, this e-mail is a report of the status of issues on 
the agenda that have actions due before 2009-04-03 (11 days from now), 
from the persective of the spec.

ISSUE-56 (urls-webarch): Assess whether "URLs" section/definition 
conflicts with Web architecture

   I propose that we publish DanC's document. Having this document on 
   a standards track at the W3C or the IETF is the only thing blocking the 
   removal of the text from the HTML5 spec.

ISSUE-59 (normative-language-reference): Should the HTML WG produce a 
separate document that is a normative language reference and if so what 
are the requirements

   The HTML5 spec itself now has an alternative style sheet that enables 
   readers to view it with no implementation requirements. I would like to 
   hear feedback from the people who had been requesting this.

ACTION-114 on Cynthia Shelly: Report progress on ARIA TF due 26 Mar 2009 - 
due 2009-03-26 - open

   An update on where ARIA implementation requirements stand would be 
   useful for planning purposes.

ACTION-117 on Doug Schepers: Get svg working group to propose specific 
text - due 2009-03-26 - open

   It's not clear that specific text would be especially useful; the 
   proposal was clear enough on what was desired as far as I can tell. 
   What would be particularly helpful is replies to the topics discussed 
   by these e-mails:


   It is not clear to me whether the SVGWG agrees with the reasoning I put 
   forward on these issues or whether I am wrong; in the latter case, it 
   would be helpful if my errors could be pointed out.

   Modulo those issues, I expect to integrate the SVGWG's proposal into 
   the HTML5 spec within a few days.

ISSUE-31 (missing-alt): What to do when a reasonable text equivalent is 

ISSUE-54 (doctype-legacy-compat): tools that can't generate <!DOCTYPE 

ISSUE-20 (table-headers): Improvements to the table-headers algorithm in 
the HTML 5 spec

ISSUE-55 (head-profile): head/@profile missing, but used in other 

ISSUE-60 (html5-xhtml-namespace): Reuse of 1999 XHTML namespace is 
potentially misleading/wrong

ISSUE-4 (html-versioning): HTML Versioning and DOCTYPEs

ISSUE-32 (table-summary): how to provide a summary of a table, e.g. for 
unsighted navigation?

   It's not clear to me what needs changing in the spec for these issues. 

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