Re: Recording teleconferences?

James Graham wrote:
> Dan Connolly wrote:
>> Written minutes strike a balance between
>> recording everything and recording nothing.
>> Well, good ones anyway; this group doesn't make binding
>> decisions in teleconferences, so we tend to be
>> pretty lax about minutes and expect technical arguments
>> to be elucidated/replayed in email. As to non-technical stuff,
>> I think it's reasonable that you have to be there in real time
>> to get that stuff.
> It seems [1] like Sam is planning to use the telecons as a way to 
> facilitate communication between different groups as we move toward last 
> call. Since it seems like the format of the telecon offers some 
> advantages in generating understanding [2] it is a problem if the vast 
> majority of the group are cut off from that understanding. Experience 
> suggests that it is almost impossible to tell what is actually being 
> said from IRC or from the minutes. Given this, I'm not sure I buy the 
> "it's reasonable that you have to be there in real time" position, 
> especially since it is impossible for everyone to be there in real time 
> and may be impractical even for individuals who would like to be there 
> due to e.g. timezone problems.
> Making a recording available would, I think, be rather helpful.

I agree with the above.

I will also add that it is my intent that the purpose of the call is to 
expedite progress on issues requiring attention.  I also want to 
reiterate that no decisions be made exclusively on a phone call and 
without an opportunity for those who solely follow the mailing list to 

In the example of yesterday's call, there was a productive discussion 
that took place primarily between Maciej and Richard.  It could have 
happened at a face to face or in a private call, but in any case it was 
not a decision.  In addition to the public minutes I wrote up my own 
understanding of what I thought happened[3] and then separately asked 
Maciej and Richard to review my understanding.  They both agreed with 
what I said (but made separate comments on my use of <h1> as an example: 
something I will leave to others to resolve).

And even then, it still does not represent a decision.

As to the comments about this potentially turning into a "performance", 
let's just agree that it is the responsibility for the chair of any 
particular meeting to ensure that it does not happen. [4]

- Sam Ruby

> [1] 
> [2] 



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