Re: Recording teleconferences?

Dan Connolly wrote:

> Written minutes strike a balance between
> recording everything and recording nothing.
> Well, good ones anyway; this group doesn't make binding
> decisions in teleconferences, so we tend to be
> pretty lax about minutes and expect technical arguments
> to be elucidated/replayed in email. As to non-technical stuff,
> I think it's reasonable that you have to be there in real time
> to get that stuff.

It seems [1] like Sam is planning to use the telecons as a way to 
facilitate communication between different groups as we move toward last 
call. Since it seems like the format of the telecon offers some 
advantages in generating understanding [2] it is a problem if the vast 
majority of the group are cut off from that understanding. Experience 
suggests that it is almost impossible to tell what is actually being 
said from IRC or from the minutes. Given this, I'm not sure I buy the 
"it's reasonable that you have to be there in real time" position, 
especially since it is impossible for everyone to be there in real time 
and may be impractical even for individuals who would like to be there 
due to e.g. timezone problems.

Making a recording available would, I think, be rather helpful.



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