Re: Recording teleconferences?

David Singer wrote:
> At 17:43  +0200 14/08/09, Olivier GENDRIN wrote:
>> OTOH, having such a record could be usefull to people wondering about
>> the W3C process, or for non English natives wanting to check if they
>> have a sufficient tongue level to participate in teleconferences.
> it's perfectly possible to call in, and then ask that you use IRC as the
> way to make your point (better, in fact, if you want the minutes to be
> accurate :-))
> I share Dan's concerns. There are "/me" comments typed into IRC that are
> un-minuted, and the current minute-takers take some care not to minute
> all the conversation. I'm not crazy about having every word everyone
> says available for endless dissection. Politicians have enough trouble
> with that, we don't need it as well.

Everything, including /me comments get logged anyway, in Krijn's IRC 
logs.  They just get excluded from the official minutes.  So that's not 
really a valid argument against recording.  But I think the advantages 
of having an audio recording that the scribe, or some other volunteer, 
could use to clean up the minutes afterwards to make them more accurate 
than they currently are, would have huge advantages.  So even if we 
don't end up making the recordings themselves public (though I still 
think we should), having a recording is still valuable.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

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