Re: closing issue-30 longdesc in favor of aria-describedby [was: Consolidated issues ...]

Maciej wrote [1]:
> Based on what Henri says[2], I instead suggest closing ISSUE-30, (longdesc)
> unless someone objects.

Dan wrote [3]:
> Works for me.

Has Chaals withdrawn the longdesc issue that he originally[4] raised [5]?

Has aria-describedby been incorporated into HTML5 as WAI CG recommended [6]?

That doesn't seem to be the case as Ian wrote [6]:
<Hixie> well then aria won't make LC
<Hixie> we can always do it after LC

Shelley wrote [8]:
> Until ARIA is, in fact, integrated, I would suggest leaving this item in.

Leif wrote [9]:
> Hence I suggest not closing ISSUE-30 at this moment.

If aria-describedby has not been incorporated as WAI CG recommended,
no functional replacement exists for longdesc, then I agree with
Shelley and Leif. The issue should not be closed [5].

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[5] Issue Definitions:
> RAISED = A working group member suggests this is worth a WG
> discussion and potentially a decision, but to date no concrete
> proposal has been created that enjoys a consensus of at least one.
> OPEN = At least one concrete proposal has been made resolving this
> issue, but one on which consensus has either not been evaluated, or
> has not yet been reached; a working group member is assigned an
> ACTION to follow up (similar to ASSIGNED).
> PENDINGREVIEW = An Editor has reviewed arguments and edited spec to
> taste, or the WG chairs have evaluated the level of consensus and
> identified one or more proposals that would resolve the issue. In the
> case where multiple proposals are identified, the Editors may make
> the determination as to which one to incorporate.
> POSTPONED = The WG has decided the issue will not be addressed at
> this time due to engineering constraints, cost-effectiveness, or the
> inability of the issue to be address in the time defined by our
> charter. To be investigated during the next chartering period.
> CLOSED = The chairs believe either the WG has resolved the issue (via
> spec editing) or the issue has been withdrawn. Only the chairs should
> move issues to 'closed'. Typically moving issues from PENDINGREVIEW
> to CLOSED will involve review in the weekly telecon.


Laura L. Carlson

Received on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 17:51:50 UTC