Re: HTML5-warnings - motivations

Shelley Powers wrote:
> Julian, I was going to enter it, but will hold off if you're going to. 
> It is connected to your predefined vocabularies issue. In fact, Manu 
> that's another issue that could be marked in your document, though your 
> overall section issue could cover that.

Shelley, if you have proposed text by all means send it for review.

Re: "predefined vocabularies" -- my understanding is that this is *part* 
of micro data, thus doesn't need to be mentioned separately. On the 
other hand, should the WG decide to keep micro data, then we'll have to 
discuss this separately then.

> If the person who raises the issue "owns" the issue, Manu would you 
> rather "own" this issue? I'm willing to "own" it, but I'm not a member 
> of the RDFa group, and haven't been specifically involved in the current 
> effort. However, willing to help. Just holler.

BR, Julian

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