Re: summary attribute compromise proposal

On Aug 5, 2009, at 5:00 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
> For the moment, I'm focused on a more near term objective: is this  
> something good enough for now.  So, if you agree with Maciej that  
> this is good enough for the long term clearly you are OK with it  
> for now.  If you aren't sure, but feel that it addresses the  
> immediate objection; that;s fine too for my purposes.
> If you feel otherwise, please speak up.  I'd like to give people  
> until Sunday night to do so, otherwise I will assume that this is  
> the basis for the draft that we are going with.

Use of @summary on a table should not result in a warning.

There is no justification for a warning in either current or
soon-to-be-implemented practice.  It is actively harmful to
content producers who are producing HTML content *now* to tell
them that a warning may be announced if they have the temerity
to produce a high-quality summary.

That text should be removed until such time as the working group
makes an actual decision to warn against use of @summary.


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