Re: Google to pay for HTMLWG invited experts at TPAC 2009

On Fri, 7 Aug 2009, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Ian Hickson:
> > The only condition is that you be a "public invited expert" to the
> > HTML working group.
> Not that I will be able to take up the offer, but why is the offer only 
> open to public invited experts and not regular invited experts?

If the group has any of those, they are open to them too, sorry. I didn't 
realise we had two classes of invited experts. I just checked and in fact 
one of the people who is already on the list is in fact a "regular" 
invited expert. Let me rephrase:

The only condition is that you are a member of the HTML working group and 
not employed by a W3C member company.

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