Re: Google to pay for HTMLWG invited experts at TPAC 2009

> As you may have heard, the W3C will be charging $50 per day per person for 
> permission to contribute to the specifications we are working on at the 
> TPAC event this November.
> Because Google values the input from the public, and does not believe you 
> should be charged for your feedback, Google is hereby announcing that we 
> will pay these W3C fees for up to 20 people.

The per charge to attend the upcoming AC meeting is intended to cover
the incidental costs associated with face-to-face meetings such as
catering, audio-visual, network, and meeting rooms. This is not about
contributing to the specifications. Unlike other organizations, W3C has
avoided having registration fees but can no longer be 100% subsidized
from our Membership fees. .

Having said that, we're certainly welcoming the offer from Google and
are encouraging folks to attend. It is very generous of Google to cover
the facilities and meal costs for those individuals, and we hope that
other companies will follow suit, to help even more attendees who may
not have their participation funded.


Received on Thursday, 6 August 2009 20:28:00 UTC