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Test Result: You can retrieve xmlns: attributes in your browser using  

The value of the xmlns:foo attribute is:


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On 6 Aug 2009, at 20:13, "Manu Sporny" <>  

> With thanks to the CTO of our company, Dave Longley, we have run a set
> of preliminary tests across a number of browsers to determine if and
> when xmlns:-style attributes are preserved.
> The test ensures that attributes originating in the markup of an HTML4
> document are preserved by the HTML parser and are preserved in the  
> DOM.
> The xmlns:-style attributes are then accessed via pure Javascript and
> DOM-Level-1 mechanisms. Here is the test:
> We have verified that xmlns:-style attributes are preserved in the
> following browsers:
> Firefox 3.0.9, Firefox 3.5.1, Chrome 3.0.196, Internet Explorer 7.0,
> Internet Explorer 8.0, Safari 4.0, Opera 9, Arora 0.7.0, Konqeror 4.2,
> Epiphany 2.22, and Android 1.5 (T-Mobile G1)
> Maciej, I believe that these results were what you were expecting.  
> Ben,
> Shane, Mark, these results contradict what I asserted this morning
> during the RDFa telecon.
> We have not been able to test a vanilla installation of IE 5.0 or IE  
> 6.0
> running on Windows XP SP2. The "Multiple IE" program is not guaranteed
> to work - the tests worked for us, but we may have accidentally been
> using the IE 7 browser engine.
> Could members in the communities addressed in this e-mail please:
> 1. Review the test source code to ensure the test is accurate.
> 2. Submit test results for browsers that are not in the list above,
>   or on the test page. Please specify whether the test worked and
>   include your browser version string (which is available on the test
>   page).
> Ian, is there language in the HTML5 specification (I looked and could
> not find any) that ensures that this current, widely supported browser
> behavior is documented in the spec?
> -- manu
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