Re: ISSUE-54 (html5-doctype-vs-xslt): XSLT 1.0 can not generate HTML5 documents [HTML 5 spec]

Ian Hickson wrote:
> ...
> The key point here being that XSLT is a standard, so software that 
> implements it may be restricted in its options, whereas Java, libxml2, and 
> other libraries are just software, and can be updated. In fact most of 
> these libraries can even just be patched locally or locally extended to 
> handle HTML5.
> ....

Those libraries also follow specifications, which may or may not require 
a specific outcome.

Anyway: so how do I *extend* the JDK transformer handler to produce 
HTML5? And, more importantly, how do I extend it in a way so my output 
will be valid HTML6 as well (*)?

BR, Julian

(*) in case that spec adds even more void elements

Received on Tuesday, 2 September 2008 20:37:35 UTC