Re: <q>

Robert J Burns wrote:

> The p element DOES add 
> punctuation in the same way that the q elements adds punctuation. The 
> following HTML:
> <p>here is a paragraph.</p><p>And that paragraph is followed by another 
> paragraph.</p>
> will be rendered
> here is a paragraph.
> And that paragraph is followed by another paragraph.
> With new lines inserted between the paragraphs.

Is this presentation mandated by HTML, or simply
a de facto standard ?

> The major difference is 
> that a paragraph is almost universally presented with new lines between 
> them, 

With respect, not.  Paragraphs are, equally often, indented
(we are talking here about modern Western norms, rather
than a more general universe of discourse).  Most printed
books (same Uni.) use indentation; most web documents use
blank lines.  Computer-generated printed documents
probably use blank lines more often than indentation, but
this is by no means a universal or near-universal.

> whereas a quotation has many different possible presentations 

And paragraphs have at least two !


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