Re: Implementing aria: -- examples and methodology (was Re: Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion)

On Thu, 29 May 2008 13:51:08 +0200, Henry S. Thompson <>  

These scripts use setAttribute("arai:...") / getAttribute("aria:..."). As  
I already explained in my initial e-mail to this debacle that breaks in  
XML. It also prevents HTML from ever doing anything useful with the colon.  
It also encourages user agents to do something with the tagName rather  
than the localName + namespaceURI which would be quite a disaster.

> These tests were converted from the 'aria-' iCITA examples using the
> above methodology, very easily, and work in IE 7 as well as Firefox,
> Opera and Safari (and, with an edited and rebuilt accessibility
> module in Firefox 3b5, with the ORCA screen-reader).

These tests are HTML-only, use class names to work around styling  
deficiencies of your proposal and don't demonstrate at all that aria: is  
somehow a better alternative to aria- in my opinion.

I would appreciate a detailed reply to my original e-mail, although it has  
to be said that these recent e-mail exchanges helpfully only further prove  
my point:

Kind regards,

Anne van Kesteren

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