Implementing aria: -- examples and methodology (was Re: Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion)

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Aaron M Leventhal writes:

> How unusual can the bug be if it happened in the very first example I 
> tried? Come on, you know that a checkbox is not unusual :) Before trying 
> it, I really wasn't sure how easy or hard the conversion to the fake 
> namespace proposal would actually be. The proposal made me believe that 
> mixing with real namespaces might actually go smoothly. Unfortunately it 
> just turned out to be a quagmire.

You can tell the pioneers by the arrows in their chests, and I
appreciate your willingness to make the effort to explore the
consequences of the proposal and give feedback.  That has made it
clear that at the very least I could/should have done better
explaining what the design patterns were that followed from the core
of the proposal.  I am a bit disappointed that you haven't responded
to my effort to do this:

>> My view, as suggested in [1], is that if we go with aria: we will have
>> two phases:

>>  1) Only get/setAttribute will work cleanly and across the board, and
>>     CSS selectors will have to be duplicated (i.e. both \: and | will
>>     have to be used).  Documents written this way will work whether
>>     parsed as HTML or as XHTML, see e.g.
>>     which are the _same_ file, served as text/html and
>>     application/xhtml+xml respectively.  These both work in Firefox 2
>>     and 3 and Safari 3.1.1 -- only the HTML version works in Opera 9.
>>     I have another example, based on one from iCITA, which I'm waiting
>>     for permission from the original copyright holder to publish,
>>     which works in all four browser families.

I can now make that other example public (my thanks to Jon Gunderson
of the Illinois Center for Information Technology Accessibility

These tests were converted from the 'aria-' iCITA examples using the
above methodology, very easily, and work in IE 7 as well as Firefox,
Opera and Safari (and, with an edited and rebuilt accessibility
module in Firefox 3b5, with the ORCA screen-reader).

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