Re: Supporting MathML and SVG in text/html, and related topics

> Are form feeds and vertical tabs allowed in MathML <mtext> and
> attributes?

MathML makes no mention of them, they are not allowed in XML 1.0 anyway
so it wasn't really an issue at the time mathml 1 and 2 were specified.

XML 1.1 (where it is supported) allows these characters to be
referenced via numeric references, but not as character data. HTML5 as
far as I understand it allows them as character data as well. So I
suppose (since MathML doesn't say otherwise) that they are allowed, but
with no (mathml-specific) rendering specified. Other white space is
normalised in mathml content, removed at the ends, and any run of
consecutive characters replaced by a single space, so it would perhaps
make sense to include these characters in that normalisation process,
although that isn't currently the case.

For those with w3c access there is an open issue on this for mathml3
for thise without w3c access, the full text of the issue is pasted below


Raised by:
    David Carlisle
Opened on:

HTML5 appears to allow C0 controls to be references via numeric references
& # 1 9 ;
XML 1.1 does as well. 

We could (and probably should) just ignore this and let the rendering of
these characters be system/font specific. 

However HTML5 allows characters 11 and 12 to be used directly as
character data (line tabulation and form feed) and specifies that they
are "space characters" that leads to the question raised by Henri
Sivonen on the public list what the rendering should be here, should we
state that these two characters take part in the white space
normalisation that we apply to token elements (replacing runs of white
space by a space character (32)


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