Re: Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion

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Simon Pieters writes:

> The test results document says:
>    I discovered that at least some of the apparent failures of the :-based
>    markup versions of Henri's tests did not arise from the material under
>    test, but from accidental properties of the text matrix.
>     --
> But what this referred to turned out to be a bug in a Firefox beta
> that  was unrelated to the colon and the dash:
> HST wrote:
>> I did that as well, but what I was referring to was the "Script did
>> not  run" reports against Firefox, which had nothing to do with :
>> vs. -.
>  --
> It should be quite obvious that something that is unrelated to the
> colon  and the dash should not affect the choice of the colon and the
> dash.

Someone looking at that data [1] to see if colon worked would see a
result suggesting that it didn't, which could be _quite_ misleading,
if they didn't notice that dash _also_ didn't work in the same case.


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