Re: Subdocument fragments in a compound document (part of detailed review of documents and document framegents)

On 13 May 2008, at 11:56, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Sun, 11 May 2008, Jim Jewett wrote:
>>>> Currently the only element allowed "wherever a subdocument fragment
>>>> is allowed in a compound document" is the html element. RFC4287
>>>> mandates that within an Atom document, for an XHTML text construct,
>>>> it must have a single div element as the content.
>>> Given that Atom or another spec could as easily have allowed any  
>>> flow
>>> content, or ... My intention wasn't to disallow ... My intention was
>>> just to allow <html> to be used in other vocabularies where those
>>> vocabularies just specified a generic inclusion point.
>> Why not just say so explicitly?  For example, just after: [...]
> Hmm, good idea. Added an example.

I'm assuming you mean r1602. It isn't just atom:content, but also all  
Atom XHTML Text Constructs (which, from RFC4287 are atom:title,  
atom:summary, atom:subtitle, and atom:rights, though APP may add more  
to that list (but I don't know about that), so it'll be better to  
reference the section that defines XHTML Text Constructs).

Geoffrey Sneddon

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