Re: [whatwg] HTML4's profile="" attribute's absence in HTML5

On Wed, 7 May 2008, Julian Reschke wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
> > Summary: profile="" doesn't work in practice so we have dropped it. We
> > haven't replaced it with anything since there isn't really a problem to
> > solve -- conflicts don't occur in practice, as Microformat names are picked
> > to be rather unique and recognisable. The market takes care of problems like
> > this without the need for namespace syntax.
> > ...
> I disagree.
> 1) Conflicts *do* occur, as soon as you consider extensions that happen 
> outside the microformats process (and that process seems to exclude 
> private extensions, such as for intranet applications).

Conflicts do not occur on the kind of scale that requires dedicated 

> 2) As a matter of fact, <> states
> "In hcalendar-issues, it is ACCEPTED that each microformat should have a
> profile URI, like the XFN profile ("
> So it seems you are in disagreement with the microformats community as well.

Actually the removal of profile="" was done in conjunction with the 
Microformats community. I do not know whether that page represents 
consensus in that community or not. I have asked for clarififcation.

> That being said; I agree that the profile attribute is not a good 
> solution, as it is of limited use only. Thus, instead of removing it we 
> should think about fixing it, or using something that works instead 

Before we think about using something that "works", we have to determine 
why what we have now doesn't "work". It isn't at all clear to me that we 
have any kind of practical problem here.

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