Re: ISSUE-28 (http-mime-override): Content type rules in HTML 5 overlaps with the HTTP specification? [HTML Principles/Requirements]

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> ...
>> Speaking of which: can I turn off content sniffing in the FF config?
> Not at the moment, no.  It wouldn't be too hard to add a preference for 
> this, I suppose...  Not sure it's worth it.  What are the use cases?

The use case would be to give people a choice between "what the 
developers claim is necessary" and "what the currently applicable specs 

I'd really like to be able to opt-out of content-sniffing -- for 
instance, it would make it more likely that I actually find out about 
broken content types on my own server.

Speaking of which it would be really great if there'd be an (optional) 
indication if the server-supplied content type and the sniffed content 
type disagree (would a FF extension have the necessary information to do 

BR, Julian

Received on Friday, 25 January 2008 17:00:38 UTC