[WF2] backwards compatibility with values of custom required attributes

[I recently posted a couple of WF2-related messages on the WHATWG list,  
but Chaals asked me to post them here instead. This is the first one:]

some code from airgreenland.com reminded me to bring up the discussion
of how to treat values of "required" attributes:

     <input name="CONTROLGROUPCONTACT$ContactInputView$TextBoxAddressLine2"
type="text" maxlength="52"
class="w10" required="false" requiredError="Street address Field 2 is

I've seen this before (and I'm sure many of you will recognise the
ASP.NET stuff). The problem is that <input required="false"> is
treated as <input required> by WF2 because the "false" value isn't
recognised. I think WF2 needs to do something sensible to ensure
backwards compatibility - ASP.NET form validation is going to cause us
serious problems otherwise.

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Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2008 13:03:34 UTC