Re: Please change the current name of the specification to "HTML5 and XHTML5"

James Graham wrote:

> The main issue that seems to be causing problems seems to be that the 
> term "HTML" is used in two different senses; HTML the abstract document 
> language and HTML the serialization associated with the text/html MIME 
> type. The "HTML" being referred to in the title is the first sense, the 
> new subtitle (which also explicitly mentions XHTML) uses it in the 
> second sense. 

I neglected to add that adding "XHTML" to the title would implicitly change the 
meaning of "HTML" in the title to HTML-the-serialization. This would mean the 
title was a less accurate reflection of the document's contents, since 
serialization-independent features like DOM APIs would not be covered. The 
current solution with a short title the covers the full scope of the work and a 
slightly longer subtitle that draws attention to the most important components 
of that scope seems excellent to me (modulo the previously discussed subtleties 
in the way that the term HTML is used).

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