Re: supporting both formats html5 & xhtml5 re:

> > I don't specifically need browsers to support XHTML - I certainly
> > don't need the specification to mandate any compliance.
> To be frank with you, and I'm not trying to be rude here, but; I really
> don't care about what *you* need. We are writing this spec not just for
> us, but for the rest of the world to use. What you or I want or need for
> ourselves shouldn't come into it.


> > When I stop to
> > think about it, browser support for XML+XSLT (including HTML output)
> > would be more valuable (to me) than XHTML support. One day, if/when it
> > is well established in UAs and AT. Until then, it seems beyond the
> > scope of this WG but an interesting topic ~:)
> >
> How can it be "beyond the scope of this working group"? XHTML (whether
> you want to call it XHTML5 or just XHTML) is part of the scope. And
> support for any area of the spec is within the scope of the group.

XHTML5 specification = in scope. In the draft. Agreed. Nobody needs
discuss this.
"I don't think that support for XHTML5 should be optional" = beyond
our scope, imo.

That was your original post that began this thread, because: "People
wont be able to use XHTML5 if there's no support for it."

Some of us have clarified the context around that, saying that we see
opportunities to utilise XHTML5 outside of web browsers -- e.g.
server-side -- regardless of their support (or lack). But your
original post focussed on UAs, so let me return to that.

You surmise:
"Specifying that user-agents may support only one format, but
supporting both is "encouraged" is insufficient and will only lead to
a lack of support for XHTML5 like we had with XHTML1"

Yes, this is very likely true.

However, specifying that "Implementations MUST support these two
formats" will not guarantee the support that you (for the greater
good) want. Vendors choose if/when to support standards. They have
complete control of their products and we have some limited ability to
influence that. I (yes, "I") disagree that the HTML5 spec is the
vehicle which with to influence those vendors. I believe the browser
vendors are moving in that direction (better standards support)
anyway. Yes, I have been told I am an optimist beyond redemption.

Yes, we disagree.

However, I respect your choice to pursue this opportunity.


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