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Re: Dissatisfaction with HTML WG

From: Sylvain Eliade <sylvain@eliade.net>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 18:08:25 +0100
Message-ID: <897f77060801100908m6de86f0p1107740943ddf27f@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-html@w3.org

I also think there is huge problems in this list.

It's always hard to contribute here, because I don't have the time to
read the list, and there is currently no organization here at all.
It's hard because i'm just a web developer, english is not my native
language and there is always people here with big names and titles
(Chief something or Director of something). So it's hard to
contribute, and hard to be heard.

I thought when I joined this group that the W3C will lead the group to
useful discussions and will speed up the process. But that was a huge
mistake. As there is currently nobody here to do some coordination.

I participated in many anarchist reunions and discussions and they
were a lot more clear, open-minded and organized than this big waste
of time which is the HTML5 mailing lists (HTML-WG is even worst !).

What about making goals, like each week deciding to discuss about one
specific subject, trying to have a consensus and if not, doing a vote
? That is simple, it's used in many places. Why not try this ? Or
something else ? But please, can we move forward ? We're just wasting
our times in endless discussions with no goal, and just one people
deciding of everything. The actual process of this mailing list is
just useless, it have no democracy at all. There is hundreds of people
here, and only 20 of them take decisions in name of everybody.

The point is, why having an open mailing list if just "big" people can
decide ? If what are we (the 400+ people which are not from "big"
companies) saying, is just simply ignored ?

And of course, XHTML *is* useful, we're using it on our websites, and
it's not a problem, even with IE. We have a lot more issues with
Flash, CSS, file uploads, and other things. I can't see why you are
all angry about XHTML.

 Sylvain Eliade, Web Developer
 Skyrock.com, first european social network
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