Re: ISSUE-54 (html5-doctype-vs-xslt): XSLT 1.0 can not generate HTML5 documents [HTML 5 spec]

Jirka Kosek <>, 2008-08-29 11:18 +0200:

> Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> >     If I do xsl:output@doctype-public="XSLT-compat", xsltproc
> >     gives me:
> >       <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "XSLT-compat" "">
> >     So unless there's something I'm missing
> Have you specified HTML output method using xsl:output/@method='html'?

No, I hadn't been. That's the something I was missing...

> I think that it should work for HTML output method also in
> xsltproc.

Indeed it does.

> This thread is about HTML5 serialization and using XSLT HTML output for
> it. For XHTML (or XML serialization of HTML5) there is no such problem
> as <!DOCTYPE HTML> is not required.

Right, understood. Just failed to notice that I wadn't testing
with xsltproc set to actually output HTML...

So it seems like what we want to propose in terms of how an HTML5
conformance checker would view it: Allow the string "PUBLIC" to
optionally occur in the doctype after the "html" string, followed
only by "" or '' (with no text allowed within the quotation marks).


Michael(tm) Smith

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