Re: table headers - clear description of problem

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> You are dodging the point Ian, the spec in this instance has not 
> followed the process outlined.

We have experimental implementations, e.g. James' script. But you are 
correct that we have not completed the process for this issue.

There is a lot of feedback on the table issue that hasn't yet been 

It's not an especially high priority, since implementations aren't 
currently moving on this anyway. I've no intention of playing the yoyo 
with features in the spec, adding things that we don't necessarily want on 
the long term just because other features aren't yet implemented. If you 
are writing complex tables today and want to target ATs today, use HTML4.

If there are good reasons to add a feature, or remove a feature, and those 
reasons have been sent to the list, then they should be in the issues list 
above, and will be handled in due course.

Repeatedly complaining that I'm not acting in good faith is not a 
productive way of taking part in the work here. I have literally thousands 
of e-mails to deal with. The more e-mails you send complaining, the less 
time I have to actually deal with the feedback.

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