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> The cyrillic entities, are they any used? Where? In MathML? SGML?

The names come from the original SGML definition (ISO 8879) But for
all the entities, the SGML definition just gave names with an english
description, not mappings to Unicode or any other encoding.
As part of the original SGML, these entity sets have been used in lots
of places, docbook, TEI, distributed with most SGML editing software
etc. There's over 20 years of use, so it's hard to be specific.
Here's teh TEI using teh ISO names for example

The  MathML DTD has always (since mathml 1) included the ISOCYR1 and
ISOCYR2 entity sets.

> The KHcy/khcy entities does not match the Unicode name: 'CYRILLIC 

As I said to Ian, the names often don't make a lot of sense other than
the fact that they are the names we have. In this case these names have
been an ISO standard since 1986. It's not clear that changing the names
can really help anyone (you'd most likely have to support the old names
for ever as well for compatibility reasons) and getting new names into
an ISO badged  set of names is also difficult and I don't (any longer)
have an editing handle at the ISO. I suppose it would be possible to
leave ISOCYR1 as it is, and add another name for the same character in a
w3c badged set, just as we have the "mmlalias" set, but I fear this
might be more confusing than helpful.

> If it can't be changed (why?), can we at least have two names ...

Generally we've been avoiding adding any names and trying to lead
people away from using entities at all, so the "default position"
is not to add new names but it's not just my decision, and if these sets
are going to be used by (x)html it's not just the math wg's decision
either. If HTML wants to add a set of entities for cyrillic characters
that include new names for tehse characters then certainly I'll add the
information to unicode.xml to make it easy to extract those
definitions. I suspect though we wouldn't want to add new names to
mathml, but we could.


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