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On Sun, 6 Apr 2008, David Carlisle wrote:
> Also I took an action at a recent Math WG teleconf to get a new public 
> working draft out in TR space this month, so I need to look at this 
> sooon...

I'm just tracking the unicode.xml file, as opposed to referring to the TR, 
so publication actually won't affect HTML5. :-)

> > In HTML5, we changed the mappings for ⟨ and ⟩. The legacy 
> > mappings of these two characters are to characters that are defined as 
> > canonically equivalent to CJK wide characters. The new mappings are:
> Almost all the changes between mathml2 and mathml3 are related to 
> changing to not use CJK punctuation to instead use new(ish) math 
> brackets that were added. to unicode. (I see rang was in fact Unicode 
> 3.2, but several more were added in 4 and 5) I almost certainly left 
> these two for html compatibility, so if you've changed I'd guess I could 
> as well. (although it's not my sole decision) But again it would be 
> helpful if you could coordinate with xhtml group.

I've sent a request to the XHTML2 group on the matter:

> Or we all (Math xhtml and html) agree in advance that we'll use whatever 
> that file says (so we all agree) and then put the file under joint 
> editorial control.

Personally I'd rather the file was under one person's exclusive ownership, 
guided by feedback from everyone else, rather than under some sort of 
committee control where getting anything changed requires agreement from 
fifteen people instead of one person coordinating everyone's wishes 
asynchronously. But it's not up to me. :-)

> As I've mentioned there are a few more there than even supported in 
> mathml (mainly greek) but there are other ones you could drop (eg mathml 
> aliases set, which are mainly TeX like names for characters that already 
> have iso names) or just decide on a character by character basis.  I 
> think it's more important that the names you do have have the same 
> unicode definition, having all the names might simplify some things but 
> it's not a vital issue (to me at least)


I've changed my script so that it takes all the sets listed under "html5" 
and "mathml". This removed the entities that were only in the following 

  8879-isoamsa, 8879-isoamsb, 8879-isoamsc, 8879-isoamsn,
  8879-isoamso, 8879-isoamsr, 8879-isobox, 8879-isocyr1, 8879-isocyr2,
  8879-isodia, 8879-isogrk1, 8879-isogrk2, 8879-isogrk3, 8879-isogrk4,
  8879-isolat1, 8879-isolat2, 8879-isonum, 8879-isopub, 8879-isotech,
  9573-1991-isoamsa, 9573-1991-isoamsb, 9573-1991-isoamsc,
  9573-1991-isoamsn, 9573-1991-isoamso, 9573-1991-isoamsr,
  9573-1991-isogrk3, 9573-1991-isogrk4, 9573-1991-isomfrk,
  9573-1991-isomopf, 9573-1991-isomscr, 9573-1991-isotech,
  9573-2003-isogrk1, 9573-2003-isogrk2, 9573-2003-isogrk4,

Could you add "predefined" to the list of html5 sets? While it's redundant 
with the xhtml1+mathml sets, I'd rather it was there explicitly since that 
more accurate represents the intent (we added ' to HTML5 so that XML 
entities would work in text/html).

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