Re: role cardinality [was: Re: ARIA Proposal ]

>> Firefox 2 only looks at the first value,
> Let's check that with Aaron.  I thought that it looks at the first 
> ARIA role it finds, for the purposes
> of binding to the accessibility APIs.  It doesn't interfere with 
> loading all the tokens into the DOM
> as the value of the attribute.  And I didn't think it looked at only 
> the lexically first token in the
> attribute value.
In fact I misstated. I thought we had done that, but now that I look at 
the code -- we only allow one role.

It would not be a huge problem to implement something for FF3 that 
supports multiple roles but only one ARIA role, if we can come to a 
consensus soon. I don't see backwards compat as a problem yet because no 
one I know of is yet even using the landmark roles, even the really good 
ones like "main" and "navigation". That's most likely because ATs don't 
support those yet.

- Aaron

Received on Friday, 28 September 2007 13:41:30 UTC