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At 21:50 -0400 UTC, on 2007-09-27, Matthew Raymond wrote:


> [...] so long a |role| hasn't reached critical mass in the
> authoring community, I could care less how it disrupts the W3C. The W3C
> is here to create good specifications, and if they have to start over
> with some of them because a specific technology falls out of favor, so
> be it. Better to break unimplemented specs that to try to fix the ones
> already implemented.

Agreed in principle. However, UA vendors are already calling changes to
completely new features in the current draft "impossible" because it would
break existing content:


>    The |role| attribute is an elegant solution to a problem that doesn't
> exist. There is nothing the it can express that couldn't be expressed
> with elements or simple attributes. It's greatest use case are the ones
> that have been specifically tailored to use |role| instead of other
> solutions that would be greater extensible, easier validation and
> parsing, and more structured markup.

What about the problem Maciej raised in
<>, for
which @role would appear to be a solution? Does that problem not exist?

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