Re: style attribute, only on font?

> On 30-Nov-07, at 10:14 AM, Martin Atkins wrote:
> Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>> Karl Dubost wrote:
>>> though if we do that we really should find a way to strongly
>>> discourage its use (and the use of its DOM attribute)
>>> for non-WYSIWYG authors.
>> Wait.  Discourage use of  In favor of what,  
>> exactly?
> I don't to speak for whoever wrote that in the spec, but I believe  
> that some are suggesting that it's better to twiddle the value of  
> node.className and have the actual style rules in a stylesheet.

That's all well and good in theory but I believe that most effects  
libraries rely on to do their thing. Secondly  
Joseph Smarr gave a talk on high performance JS and one of the things  
that he says is to avoid dynamic CSS-class definitions (that is adding  
classes at run time). Droping support for is going to hurt  
a lot of people.

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