Re: Request for clarification on HTML 5 publication status (ISSUE-19)

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 03:15:52 +0100, Karl Dubost <> wrote:
> I keep repeating it two things are needed:
> 1. Parsing algorithm and error recovery for consistent handling is cool.  
> [browsers]
> 2. One recommended syntax and set of elements [authors]

The specification addresses both those areas already. To make number 2  
more approachable Lachlan Hunt stepped up to write a guide to HTML5 for  
Web designers because nobody else had started writing one. I believe he is  
also working on an article to be published by a well known online Web  
designer magazine.

I have personally worked on a document that lists the differences compared  
to HTML4 which gives a high-level overview of what HTML5 will do and many  
Web designers gave feedback on that. Together with Ian Hickson I wrote which gives an introduction to  
the Offline Web Application features of HTML5. We're still awaiting some  
more review comments I believe before to proceed with publication. Dan  
Connolly should know.

> [...] I would hope that Browsers Implementers make the same step towards  
> the Web designers.
> That would be at least a good gesture towards the Web design community,  
> at best that would be a way to move forward faster.

I believe the browser implementors are doing a lot already and investing a  
lot of resources into this effort, including communicating with the  
community. The WHATWG has been following feedback on weblogs since the  
start and tried to incorperate feedback from there. There's also a more  
approachable online forum on if people do not  
want to join the mailing list of which feedback is also tracked by the  
WHATWG community. Now the WHATWG is not just browser vendors of course,  
but it does point out that there certainly has been happening a decent  
amount of outreach.

I personally track feedback through searching for  
"html5" but most of the time somebody else has already replied to the  
relevant thread, such as here:

I'm sure we could do more and I'd love to here some concrete suggestions  
or maybe you could set an example by working on something you think should  
be done. I think that would be more productive than suggesting the Web  
browsers are somehow anti-Web author all the time, we're not.

Anne van Kesteren

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