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RE: Whitespace before <head>

From: Chris Wilson <Chris.Wilson@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 11:14:08 -0800
To: Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU>
CC: public-html <public-html@w3.org>
Message-ID: <14636E983DBC96408C4D669AFA9B86C007B9771E19@NA-EXMSG-W602.wingroup.windeploy.ntdev.microsoft.com>

From: Boris Zbarsky [mailto:bzbarsky@MIT.EDU]
>Chris, last I checked styling a node with "white-space: pre" will actually
>change the DOM in Trident (Text nodes that didn't use to be there will appear).

Ah, I see what you're after.  Yes, we do change the DOM, because the expectation we'd set ourselves up for when we collapsed:


In the rendering was that the contents just said "Test" as a text node.  Perhaps that's something we should change in future (i.e. HTML5), though it was a reasoned decision at the time.

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