Re: Whitespace before <head>

Chris Wilson wrote:
> And please don't be so blithe about Microsoft.  We drop whitespace around the
> head, and I believe we still have some issue in table cells; in general, the
> Trident engine was designed to round-trip content, including whitespace.  We
> could not, as noted, support CSS' white-space:pre if we didn't.

Chris, last I checked styling a node with "white-space: pre" will actually 
change the DOM in Trident (Text nodes that didn't use to be there will appear). 
  So while I accept that you're keeping the whitespace around _somewhere_ 
internally, in practice as far as web authors are concerned you drop all sorts 
of whitespace from the DOM... unless the style happens to be "white-space: pre".


Received on Friday, 16 November 2007 17:07:18 UTC