Re: The section element

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> Hello guys,
> With my Nvu hat on, the section element is a problem to me. It does not
> give me enough power or flexibility and requires exactly the same amount
> of JS code ol-plain-flat-html code required in the past. Let me give you
> a concrete example seen a zillion times on the web :
>    <section>
>      <h4><img src="l.gif" alt="T">he raise of a new standard</h4>
>      <p>bla bla bla</p>
>    </section>
> First I would like the DOM interface for section to retrieve for me the
> title of the section if any. When I say the title, I am not saying that
> the result here should be
>    he raise of a new standard
> I need and want
>    The raise of a new standard
> See what I mean ?

There was some talk at the f2f about defining a .textEquivalent DOM attribute 
which would return the textual equivalent of an element rather than just its 

There was also a discussion in the data tables session about whether the DOM 
should expose cell-headers relationships in an analogous manner to the 
section-headers proposal above. I guess one objection to this might be 
performance; maybe browser implementors have an opinion on this?

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