The section element

This is a feature that would help a lot of use cases, including
intelligently speaking a document.

As presently specked (taking a leaf out of the realtime
captioners book;-))
<section> really is just a way of spelling <div> differently.

Daniel Glazman writes:
 > Hello guys,
 > With my Nvu hat on, the section element is a problem to me. It does not
 > give me enough power or flexibility and requires exactly the same amount
 > of JS code ol-plain-flat-html code required in the past. Let me give you
 > a concrete example seen a zillion times on the web :
 >     <section>
 >       <h4><img src="l.gif" alt="T">he raise of a new standard</h4>
 >       <p>bla bla bla</p>
 >     </section>
 > First I would like the DOM interface for section to retrieve for me the
 > title of the section if any. When I say the title, I am not saying that
 > the result here should be
 >     he raise of a new standard
 > I need and want
 >     The raise of a new standard
 > See what I mean ?
 > Furthermore, I think the model for section is not enough. It clearly
 > assumes the title of a section is always IN the section itself. This is
 > clearly not the case when your document outline lies outline of the main
 > flow. I recommend changing as follows :
 >    if a section element has an attribute 'headerref' then this attribute
 >    contains the URL of an element being the header of the section ;
 >    otherwise the header is as originally proposed the first heading
 >    element inside the section. For example :
 >    <nav>
 >      <a href="section1.html" id="TheRaiseOfANewStandard">The raise
 >         of a new standard</a>
 >    </nav>
 >    ...
 >    <section headerref="#TheRaiseOfANewStandard">
 >      <h6>this is **not** the section's header</h6>
 >      <p>bla bla bla bla</p>
 >    </section>
 > That way, it's still possible to retrieve the outline of the document
 > from the sections w/o looking at the navigation boxes.
 > (please, no religious comment about the name 'headerref', I just DO NOT
 >   care about the name, I want the feature)
 > </Daniel>

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Received on Monday, 12 November 2007 17:28:42 UTC