Re[4]: <a href=##mark> (and <a href=##:mark> )


>> M> Combined with MRI and everyone
>> M> would be able to quickly and easily link to any part of any page.
>> Excuse me, i don't understand about "test selectors" (MRI).
>> Could you clarify ?

M> MRI bookmarklet would let anyone
M> find out what css selector would be needed to target a certain part of
M> a page
I wanted to ask you exactly about this:
i don't understand from how it work.
And ask to clarify me through examples of code/text.

M> Your suggestion is very useful for people who want to link to any
M> section of the page whether it has an ID or not.
By the way, I must to note, that you speak about old proposal <a href=#:mark>
(reference to document).
I wanted to start current topic to something another, i.e. <a href=#:mark>
(reference to directory with html-documents).

Dmitry Turin
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Received on Thursday, 8 November 2007 12:50:00 UTC