<a href=##mark> (and <a href=##:mark> )

Good day,

Sometimes people move paragraph with <a name= > into other document.
Thus links between documents are broken.
I propose to force WebServer to find this <a name= > in all documents,
and to return suit document.
Let's specify such reference as <a href=##mark> (two signs "#").
We pay for this by three restrictions:
(1) Add documents, in which search is executed, must be
(1.1) in one directory
(1.2) in the same directory, in which refering document is
    [i.e. document with <a href=##mark>]
(2) Certainly, value of @name must be unique inside all documents in directory

Similarly for 'refering to place of document, which is not marked by author',
about which i wrote earlier
In this case we will write <a href=##:mark> (also two signs "#")

Dmitry Turin
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Received on Monday, 5 November 2007 13:15:54 UTC