Re: headers attribute (was Re: Form elements)

Laura Carlson wrote:
> These questions are relevant not only to the headers debate, but also
> to the 'Moving forward' thread regarding reaching consensus and design
> principles/reviewing questions.
> Ben Boyle wrote [1]:
>> There seem enough cases here to warrant it's continued part in HTML.
> Anne van Kesteren wrote [2]:
>> The arguments for removing it are that the feature isn't widely used
> Thomas Broyer wrote [3]:
>> it has been proven that: headers= isn't used that much in the wild
> I asked about quantity of cases before [4] and didn't get a response.
> But I'll ask again. What is number of cases that proves a feature
> should be included or excluded from the spec? Also how is that number
> derived? What factors are taken into consideration?
I do not believe that a feature should be included or excluded based on 
the amount of people who currently use or have used it but instead, by 
the semantic meaning it conveys and it's usefulness in that regard in 
HTML coding. I am not just talking about this issue but in general. Not 
a lot of developers and companies are currently using standards and/or 
thinking about accessibility, does that mean we should stop using 
standards and forget about accessibility?

Rather explain the relevance and proper usage of these properties in the 
spec so people and developers better understand the reason why they are 
in the spec and start to use them appropriately. Please people, let us 
make decisions based on what is important and relevant to standards, 
semantics and accessibility. After the spec has been finalized it will 
be up to us to educate and create awareness to ensure the uptake of 
these features by tool and browser vendors as well as the developers 
writing the code.

Kind Regards

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