Re: 'role' should be property

Hi Thomas,

> But I believe that role= is worth being in the markup for HTML5 (even
> if the future "rolesheet" language then defines a "*[role] { role:
> attr(role); }" default rule, similar to the "b { font-weight: bold; }"
> default CSS rule in browsers).
> In brief, I'm not arguing that we should have "rolesheets", I'm
> arguing that we should have role= within the markup (if proven that we
> need it), eventually in addition to "rolesheets" (and rolesheets are
> far more "virtual" for now than a role= attribute in HTML5)

Sure, we definitely agree on that. A number of different mechanisms
would be really useful, but @role is certainly the right thing to do
in HTML 5.



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Received on Thursday, 31 May 2007 17:28:16 UTC