Re: WF2, abolish <button type=remove>

2007/5/21, Dmitry Turin:
> Now quantity of <button type=remove> is equal to copy of block.
> I offer to add one button 'remove' into _menu of browser_
> to abolish all buttons 'remove copy' in document.
> User must select one or several copies of block by mouse
>  (several TR-elements, several LI-elements - as in examples of WhatWG),
> than press button 'remove' in menu of browser.

As a user, I *hate* having add/remove buttons do different things
depending on where the focus is.
If I want to add an item to list A, I want to be able to say "add an
item to list A", not "list A -> add an item". This is even more true
when the number of those lists grow on screen.

Also, note that what you ask for could almost be accomplished with a
bunch of javascript: for example, add check-box to items (this is the
simplest way to select them, but you can do much better if you want)
and a single "remove selected items" button which repeatedly calls the
removeRepetitionBlock() method of the RepetitionElement.

Finally, what you ask for can be accomplished (exactly) with a browser
extension: it'd just have to hide all <button type=remove> and <button
type=add>, add a mean to select repetition blocks (much easier to do
when you have "chrome privileges" than in pure javascript embedded in
the page) and add those two buttons (add and remove) to a menu of
toolbar. (it could eventually leave the page's <button>s visible and
just add buttons to the browser chrome and the mean to select
repetition blocks to avoid potentially "breaking" the page's

The other way around (adding buttons within the page attached to each
repetition block) is a bit harder.

Also, some <button type=remove> and <button type=add> can selectively
be disabled by the web app (e.g. you can't remove yourself from the
list of users allowed to access this page, in a CMS). With your
proposal, applications wouldn't have "full control" over their own

Thomas Broyer

Received on Thursday, 31 May 2007 08:27:53 UTC