Re: Moving forward? (issue tracking, spec review, shaping email discussions)

On Tue, 29 May 2007, Dan Connolly wrote:
> And then the editor(s) would respond, on a best effort basis.

In my experience, this would result in the editors' time moving from 
editing the spec to just chatting in e-mail. I'd encourage the group to 
track all issues in an issue tracking system, with each issue having:

 * Links to all e-mails on the matter

 * A synopsis of all the e-mails in that list, detailing in a neutral way 
   the various arguments

 * A clear link to objective research upon which the various arguments are 

 * A relatively fine grained categorisation so that the editors can 
   select all issues on a topic and address them

 * A state, either freeform or a list of states (being discussed, 
   summarised, resolved, controversial, duplicate, whatever)

This would IMHO be the most efficient use of Hyatt and I's time.

Hyatt is currently looking at the parser part of the spec from an 
implementor and conformance point of view (in the little free time he has, 
since this is not a fulltime job for him).

I'm currently going through old feedback resolving issues; hopefully when 
that's complete (in a few months) there will be a number of very mature 
issues in the issue tracking database that comes out of this group, and 
Hyatt and myself will be able to easily deal with the issues raised.

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