Re: will get back to you Re: headers attribute debate

On 5/28/07, Al Gilman <> wrote:
> At 6:06 PM -0500 27 05 2007, Laura Carlson wrote:
> >
> >Advice from WAI and the PFWG on the potential accessibility impact of
> >the absence of the headers attribute for HTML 5 would be appreciated.
> Thank you for this question.
> Tables have historically been a source of access problems.  We put
> some features in HTML4 and there is now enough time past to take
> a fresh look.

As you say, enough time has gone by - it would be useful to see a brief
write up of "lessons-learned" from those folk involved in accessibility.
What works well? What turned out of little value? Where is the greatest gap
felt between what we have and what is needed for accessibility?

Or does such a missive already exist?

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