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Good day.
I already raised this question, but i not writed example wholely (as i find now).
I offer the following constructuction

<select text="Name of part1 of site">
  <option value="www.company.com/dir1/dir2/docname.htm">Part1.1</option>
  <option value="./folder1/folder2/document.htm">       Part1.9</option>
<select text="Name of part2 of site">
  <option value="www.site.net/folder/filename.htm">     Part2.1</option>
<select text="Name of part3 of site">
  <option value="www.project.org/directory/file.htm">   Part3.1</option>

to create _horizontal menu_ (menu in horizontal line) of site without JS
(that is important for low-skill users).

Presence itself of attribute 'text' inside tag SELECT specify,
that 'value' of OPTION contain address of document,
which will be displayed, when user choose this OPTION.

Besides that, 'text' forces to demonstrate own values
instead of value of first OPTION and
abolish "arrow downwards" in image of SELECT.

It also forces to show list of OPTIONs at event "onmouseover",
i.e. when user _touch_ (not press) element SELECT by mouse.

Dmitry Turin

Received on Friday, 25 May 2007 13:17:30 UTC