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On 22 May 2007, at 15:00, Karl Dubost wrote:
> Le 22 mai 2007 à 12:57, Philip Taylor (Webmaster) a écrit :
>> A tutorial,
>> like a book, is fine for those starting out.  A tutorial is not,
>> and cannot be, definitive : only the specification can be that.
> Yes no trouble with this.
>> Therefore a part of our aim should be to ensure that the  
>> specification
>> is /accessible/, in every sense of the word.
> […]
>> Let's make sure that the HTML 5
>> specification is expressed in language that 85% of our audience can
>> understand.
> Ok you expressed a point of view. Good. How do we *practically*  
> move forward?
> [...]

I'm not 100% confident I understand the issues being discussed here  
but I'll throw a few suggestions in.

Start a wiki on 'Writing HTML5' (or something).

Being with the DOCTYPE and work through the structure of an idealised  
HTML5 document (so, maybe the first thing is we need an idealised  
HTML page with content, as a principal example?).

Illustrate each point to several well chosen actors -- I started  
thinking of some actors and the best way I could come up with is to  
categorise each one on the basis of time they'll spend investing in  
the process. My Mum does not want to think about DOCTYPES or CSS or  
semantics or anything other than body HTML, so she's at the low end  
of that scale; I write HTML professionally and have to think  
carefully about the various "specifications" so I'm at the higher end  
I suppose. A gardener setting up a site for his new business might be  
in the middle of all that.

(I was a fan of Mark Pilgrim's 'Dive into Accessibility[1]', I sort  
of stole this idea from him.)

That's my 2 pennies worth

1) http://diveintoaccessibility.org/

Stephen Stewart

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