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Anne van Kesteren wrote:
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>> Simon Wiffen wrote:
>>> Whoops, meant to reply all on this
>>> ---
>>>  Hmm well I've been working commercially for 9 years and I hand code 
>>> in a text editor including hand coding elements such as ampersands, 
>>> as do my colleagues so I wouldn't assume that this statement is 
>>> accurate.
>> And the code that you and your colleagues produce is nice,
>> which is good to see.  Sadly you are an endangered minority ...
> What do you base that on?
I believe HTML is so widely used that we cannot classify how it is 
written as being a minority, since even if it were true statistically, 
it would be likely that the so called minority would contain a huge 
number of people. 

It is my experience that a lot of HTML is hand-written --- some of it is 
well-formed and adheres to the spec and some of it doesn't.  Likewise 
much HTML is generated, either by a program on the user's computer, such 
as Dreamweaver, by a web-based content management system, such as blog 
software, or by a web-based formatting language, such as BBCode or Textile.

We need to embrace all methods of authoring code.  Sadly this is what 
makes this group's work so complex.


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