Re: Complex Table Examples

2007/5/23, Laura Carlson:
> Another id/header example "in the wild":
> -- Michael Leikam <> wrote:
> > here is one place where I'm using two complex tables with
> > id/headers:

The only thing that cannot be expressed with scope="" is that, e.g.,
"20# Bond White" is a "Paper" and "8.5 x 11 3HP" is a "Size"; because
the algorithm proposed for HTML5 only associates data-cells with
header-cells, not header-cells with other header-cells (and "20# Bond
White" and "8.5 x 11 3HP" are scope="row" header-cells, aren't they?).
Please note I'm not saying such a difference is not important, I'm
just pointing out this is the *only* difference (in this case).
Actually, in HTML4, you should make the cells of the first two columns
TDs (because they act as both data-cells –given that they themselves
are associated header-cells from the first row– and header-cells for
the other data-cells from the same rows): HTML4 DTD says "TH is for
headers, TD for data, but for cells acting as both use TD", and
headers="" and scope="" are expressed in terms of "header cells" and
"data cells", i.e. THs and TDs respectively.

Apart from that, header-cells that would be associated with data-cells
would be *exactly* the same (using scope="row" and scope="column"
appropriately, namely in the second column in both tables and in the
second row in the second table).

Thomas Broyer

Received on Wednesday, 23 May 2007 13:41:27 UTC