Re: Complex Table Examples

Couple more id/header examples "in the wild":

-- Peter Weil <> wrote:

> production examples can be found here:

-- Keith Parks <> wrote:

> The site is still under construction, but the table is at the bottom
> of this page...
> Most of the data cells require three headers to properly identify the
> info. For instance, a few rows down, the "2.64" value needs to be
> tied to "Summer Bridge Students", "Mean GPA" *and* "Biology 100". So
> I set it up (correctly, I hope) using the ID/headers scheme.
> I suppose one could argue (as the person who responded to your
> Working Group posts might) that SCOPE alone could work if the info
> were broken in to separate table. But the single table seems pretty
> clear to me, visually, and I hate to make it *less* clear and compact
> just to make it accessible, if there is a mark-up scheme that ties
> all the headers to their respective data.

Also it seems like id/headers would fall under Universal Access in the
Design Principles document: "Design features for universal access.
This does not mean that features should be omitted entirely if not all
users can fully make use of them, but alternate mechanisms should be
provided when possible."


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