Re: WF2, abolish <button type=remove>

On Mon, 2007-05-21 at 09:36 +0400, Dmitry Turin wrote:
> Now quantity of <button type=remove> is equal to copy of block.
> I offer to add one button 'remove' into _menu of browser_
> to abolish all buttons 'remove copy' in document.

An analogous suggestion would be to move form reset and submit buttons
into the browser.

But, form authors want control over where these (add/remove as well as
reset/submit) buttons are placed, so that they make logical sense in the
context of the form and page.  Also, if multiple forms are present on
the page, it's more clear to have each control co-located with its form.

I don't think these controls should move into the browser's menus.

> User must select one or several copies of block by mouse
>  (several TR-elements, several LI-elements - as in examples of WhatWG),
> than press button 'remove' in menu of browser.

As I last read the repeating form controls text, the user doesn't get to
select arbitrary blocks for repetition, only those the form defines.

(It might be nice for the relevant controls to be (visually, aurally,
&c.) indicated to the user, though.)

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