Re[2]: Architectural Consistency Requirements for Forms

Good day, John.

> <form>
> <instance>
> <data>
> <planets>
> <planet>Mars</planet>
> <moons>
> <moon>Phobos</moon>

> make it easier to author forms

  Usually data are got from database,
but your data model require additional mental job
to convert attributes of records (of database) into tags (of your model).
  Imagine, that <repeat name="moons"> contain _not only one_ <input>,
but several of them, for example
 <repeat name="moon">
  <input name="name">
  <input name="diameter">
  <input name="albedo">
Following data model will be better:
 <moon name="Phobos" diameter="" albedo="">
 <moon name="Deimos" diameter="" albedo="">

Data model with names of you example:
 <planets planet="Mars">
  <moons moon="Phobos">
  <moons moon="Deimos">
 <planets planet="Neptune">
  <moons moon="Triton">
  <moons moon="Nereid">

I have the same opinion about format of xml-data,
sending from form at <form enctype="application/x-www-form+xml">:
now data model is sophisticated.

Dmitry Turin

Received on Tuesday, 22 May 2007 13:13:34 UTC